Specifications - USS Odin


The USS Odin is a Nebula-class Tactical Refit, which is the Nebula-class tactical carrier with the weapons pod as its add-on complement.


Class Nebula
Role Tactical Carrier


Length 442.23 meters
Width 318.11 meters
Height 130.43 meters
Decks 30


Total Crew 750
Visitors 130
Emergency Capacity 9,800


Cruise Speed Warp 6
Maximum Speed Warp 9.6
Emergency Speed Warp 9.9

Weapons & Defensive Systems

Shields Symmetrical subspace graviton field.
Weapon Systems Type-X Phasers (8)
Torpedo Launchers (2)

Tactical Pod Addition:
-- Type-X Phasers (10)
-- Torpedo Launchers (8) with Torpedo Loadout (125)

Auxiliary Craft

Shuttles 10 Shuttlepods
4 Medium-Sized Personnel Shuttlecraft
4 Large-Sized Personnel Shuttlecraft
Fighters 12 Hornet-class Interceptors
36 Valkyrie-III-class Space Superiority Fighters