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Past Prelude

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This mission is for logs taking place prior to the current mission, which can include logs from character histories prior to joining the Odin as well as more recent prior missions.

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Thought & Memory

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The USS Odin arrives at Providence Station in orbit of Horizon Colony following her shakedown, inaugural cruise from the Luna fleetyards where she was built. With everything in working order, the skeleton crew is ready to take on the rest of the ship's complement and head out into the corridor to get the work.

Tyr's Hand

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The Odin sets out on what's meant to be an ordinary patrol, but it collides with a black star and ends up in orbit of Earth in World War Three. Not only was the ship displaced but so were seemingly random members of the crew, with some on Earth and others...no one knew. By the time the crew that could be rescued had been rescued and the ship back to its own time, over a hundred members of crew were dead...and the universe didn't look anything like the one they left.

Changing Faces

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The USS Odin is sent out on "request" of the Terran Union: to play host to two previously-warring groups that now are talking peace.

Ab Intra

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Finally given freedom to explore out from under the thumb of the Terran Union, the Odin discovered an M-class planet that is apparently the home of a failed colony, but no one knows what happened...

The Quagmire

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The crew gets some downtime while the ship is in orbit of Earth.

Starting Again

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A New Frontier

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After spending some time around Earth to get used to being "back" in their own timeline, the USS Odin receives its new mission. A new captain, a new fleet, a new place to call home... The USS Odin is ready to set proverbial sail for the Kiir System and Echo Fleet.

Deus ex Machina

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