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Team Building

Posted on 30 Mar 2024 @ 6:20pm by Commander Lucsa Myan & Lieutenant Commander Thex sh'Zoarhi

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Mission: Miranda
Timeline: OOC: This is a slight backlog to prior to the arrival of our guests.

Of all the sub-peoples of the Sal'kiiran species, the group who focused the most on things like engineering and architecture were the Arrkun. Given the Lucsa Myan was an Arrkun, that lent itself quite easily to where most of her skills in this very unorthodox necessity would land. She sought out the chief engineer, who she had not yet met personally beyond just seeing her across the table at a staff briefing. There weren't a lot of Andorians on the crew, though there were more Andorians than Sal'kiirans, but it was still pretty easy to find her.

"Lieutenant sh'Zoarhi?" Lucsa greeted politely, in her emotionally economical sort of way.

Thex had been sitting on her temporary bed in her tent. Ever since reaching the planet she'd been feeling much better.. " What can i do for you commander? " She asked her antenna jiggly slightly to a beat she'd been humming.

Lucsa inclined her head. "I'm sorry if I'm disturbing you," she said, "but I figured with the engineering team being so busy setting up shelters and living spaces for our time on the planet, I wanted to see if I could offer any assistance. My people are known for their engineering, architecture, and technological skills."

" I'd appreciate the help. My head is still spinning so don't get to close. " She added. " First we could get the replication units up and running."

The Sal'kiiran woman wasn't sure what the head spinning had to do with getting close, but she didn't ask. She knew the former to be an expression and the latter was perhaps meant as a joke or sarcasm. She left it where it was. "I have studied the replicator technology on board. We have a similar device in the Arrkun cities, including portable variants, so I'm glad to assist."

" Well we need to get up the solar chargers so they'll work if the batteries fail. Never been to Arrkun yet you'll have to tell me about it." Thex said leading the way as she did so.

"There does seem to be plenty of sun so far," Lucsa commented as she fell in step with the Andorian. "And the Arrkun are a sub-group of the Sal'kiiran people. There are four sub-groups and we all live on Sal'kiir, but each in their own region. I am Arrkun. My people originate in the high mountains, where the air is thin and it is always cold. Storms can be extreme, but we use it all to harness its energy."

" Sounds like home from what i saw of it." Thex said as they reached the crate with the emergency replicators within. " Okay let get this set up. " the andorian said as she opened it up. Everything was still pact in it's transportation setting. " Right we need to set up the panels first. " she said picking up one of the small solar pannels.

Lucsa nodded once and helped to unpack the panels, preparing them for installation. "Forgive me, but I am not well versed in the settlements of Andorians. Are you from Andor or are there colonies with any similar planetary types as compared to where I grew up?"

" Andor though the doomsday cult that raised me compound wasn't much of a settlement. Several plast cret buildings sunken into the ground with a perimeter wall. That was my whole world until i chose to run." Thex replied as she began clipping the pannels in place. The auto bolts doing their job of making her life far easier.

"I see," Lucsa said thoughtfully. They worked in silence for a few moments. "I did not have to escape to leave Sal'kiir, but it is quite naturally uncommon for us Sal'kiirans to want to leave our planet. We have a strong sort of attachment to it, and not in the emotional sense. We can feel physically weaker the further from our home system that we get, but my people tend to handle it more easily than others. Still, it was a big decision to leave and join Starfleet." And yet now, she was returning.

" Is it some psychic ability?" Thex enquired. She'd heard of some races who were that in tuned with their planet's biosphere that leaving it caused them to be very ill.

"No, not quite," Lucsa said thoughtfully as she worked. The effect had been studied extensively, mainly by the Arrkun, but there were still aspects they did not totally understand. "It is more like...a partial power source, as analogies go. It is not required for us to function and we do not grow ill or dangerously weak when we are away from it, but we do notice the lack. We are a little lessened, and uncomfortable. Many choose not to endure that discomfort and stay within our system."

" I think i understand," Thex replied as she picked up one of the cables and began plugging it into the matching socket. " Do you miss your homeworld?" She enquired.

Lucsa nodded. "Frequently, yes. Even after a long time away, I can still feel the difference in my body and mind between what it feels like to be home versus not, but it's not so dramatic a feeling that it makes me want to return for good. I enjoy seeing different places as part of Starfleet." She paused and glanced over at the Andorian. "And yourself?"

" I'd like to actually see my homeworld someday. For most of my life i was raised in a doomsday cult compound. I was only ever allowed to leave like five times. Till the day i just ran and never looked back." Thex replied calmly.

"I see," the Sal'kiiran woman said thoughtfully. She had heard of such things, in reading on Earth's history in particularly though there had been some groups roughly similar on her own world long ago, but she had no idea that any were still active like that. "That must have been...quite a shock when you reached the outside world."

" It was. Going from a compound the size of a large starbase cargo bay to a city was quite something. Thankfully i fell into the Starfleet recruitment and here i am." Thex added.

Lucsa took it in, thinking it over with the cool demeanor of birds of prey, except she wasn't acting as a predator. It was just her general coolness and that was part of her personality as well as her people. "And you have been happy with your choice? In Starfleet? If I might ask."

" Yes without question." Thex quickly replied. " I have the great ocean of the stars to explore."

"That is good," Lucsa said with a smile. It was a sparing, economic expression but nonetheless genuine. "It is good to not regret the choices we make and the paths that we walk."

" Indeed. Now I'm a trained engineer, swimmer and dancer and I couldn't be happier. Well other than being sick off course." came the sapphire girls response with a smile

Lucsa nodded. "That part, at least, will continue to ease now that the doctors have been able to find a treatment. The ship will be cleaned of the infectious agent and everyone here will heal."

" I'm still going to go through the ship's computer with a fine comb. Better safe than sorry." Thex added.

"That is most wise," the Sal'kiiran woman agreed with a second, approving, nod. "I do not know the ship's engineering quite as well as you do, yet, but the Arrkun are mechanically and technologically inclined by nature, and I am cleared at all necessary levels. If I can be of any assistance in the process, please let me know."

" Thank you any help would be greatly appreciated," Thex said with a smile. " If you need any help from me just let me know."

Lucsa inclined her head in thanks. "I've appreciated our conversation and getting to know you a little better, since I've been and will be on the ship for a while yet until we reach Sal'kiir."

" Happy to help." Thex replied with a smile.


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