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Oh Captain, May I?

Posted on 16 Nov 2023 @ 7:55pm by Captain Easton Lawe & Petty Officer 2nd Class Alizabeth Omari

712 words; about a 4 minute read

Mission: Miranda
Location: Comms

As soon as Alizabeth finished with Ensign Walker she was connecting again, "Captain Easton? Do you have a moment?" Her voice sounded a little hazy to her own ears, these past minutes a flurry of activity that in their own way were more than she had since she got sick. Looking around she could already see medical preparing to kick them all out, or at least give them the medication that would help them in that direction.

Easton couldn't explain why but, for whatever reason, he was not surprised to hear from his yeoman. Maybe it was the footnotes in the reports from sickbay. "Of course, Petty Officer," he replied with a very faint smile on his face and in his voice, despite the war of feelings continuing to rage in his mind. "What can I do for you?"

“I just sent some notes of activity of this merchant after he left our ship as detailed by other merchant’s to Ensign Walker. There are layers of detail and communication that merchant groups keep that aren’t necessarily the same as Starfleet keeps and I have access to those through my family.” Better to ask forgiveness and she had a feeling that the Captain would be relieved as would many that have been dealing with this illness that there was action towards a goal. “With your permission I will continue to research what I can from the front and back side of this and share all reports of movement for the Ensign to use in pursuit.”

"That sounds like a good avenue to explore," he agreed. It did not pass him by that she was asking the question after already having begun the process, but he didn't have a mind to argue. "Will examining any of these fall back on the Odin unfavorably?" He didn't mind a little gray area, but felt it was prudent to just ask if there'd be anything...particularly problematic he needed a heads up on.

Aliza settled her appropriated PADD on her stomach as she took an all too familiar place on her mat and closed her eyes, just a hint of the steel in her voice replaced by weariness that remained as she waited for the inoculation. “Honestly? I will be digging quietly through family channels because I would rather not throw a sign out there that there has been a problem with this Teague. No reason to let other sectors know that the Odin is looking at him, not just me being snoopy. Lying is not something I was comfortable with, but merchants have their own code for these things. I can become interested in someone that came by our ship without it being a Starfleet problem.”

He considered this for a moment and then nodded. He was going to take the small leap to just trust her on this one and let her have at it. They needed information, and they needed it yesterday. "Proceed, Petty Officer," he said. "And good luck. I hope you can find something useful for us."

“Thank you sir. Would you like me to keep anyone else appraised of what I find?” The petty officer was testing the edges of her energy after being in bed-ish for so long. She was also well aware that she was no alone, far from it, not that she was a mistrustful person, yet things like what she might find would likely be for Security, or possibly even higher in the food chain.

"Please do so, yes," Easton agreed with a small nod. "However, you can send it via a message and not have to call every time." He imagined that would be useful to not make her expend as much energy while healing and also not worry about her having an audience there in sickbay.

A warm smile curved Aliza’s lips and it likely could be heard in her response, “Yes, sir. I will get tucked up in this research. Omari out.” Drawing deep breaths in through her nose she picked up the PADD and began to poke around in a more leisurely manner than she had when she needed getting the info to Walker, not she just had to make a pathway back, one connection at a time.


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