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Take It On the Run

Posted on 12 Nov 2023 @ 7:39pm by Petty Officer 2nd Class Alizabeth Omari & Ensign Kat Walker

745 words; about a 4 minute read

Mission: Miranda
Location: Coms

As soon as the Captain had made his announcement Aliza was fumbling in her sleeping area for the com device she had set aside. The fast movement was really not good for her stomach, or the room’s desire to tilt sideway for her, but not much would have stopped her next actions. Pushing it into her ear she reached out for a name she knew but a person/being/program she hadn’t yet met. “Ensign Walker, this is Petty Officer Omari. If I could speak to you a moment?” Her voice was clear and purpose drove her past the desire to just wait for the cure, or to open her eyes and see the walls bleeding or some other image to make her question her sanity,

"Certainly, Petty Officer Omari," the thing about Kat was that as AI she had the same energy in her voice regardless of the time of day. Soft and calm, though with an alertness and curiosity to it. "Though I am preparing for take-off, so it will have to be short. Can we talk over comms or would you prefer me to meet you somewhere?"

"Thank you, comms will be fine," the dark skinned woman said with a smile, "I am still in the sick bay so no reason to disrupt the proceedings here anymore than they already have been. I was wondering if I might not have an edge through my connections to your finding this merchant, that is if they truly are a merchant. My family is very connected within merchant enclaves and sometimes the knowledge passed through those channels are things that do not make official logs. They might have notes or information about this person's destination or trail, I am already planning on seeking where they may have traveled before coming upon us. That weapon had to be acquired somewhere."

"Thank you, that will be very useful. All I have to go on so far is a vector," Kat responded with a tone her programming told her was 'grateful'.

Shifting her body to take a seat on her sleeping pad, a bright fire in her eyes that had nothing to do with the fever that had raged to long in her body, "I am going to make a formal request for being treated faster or a PADD to be brought to me so I can start on this immediately. Once I have any news at all I will send it to you, probably just as easy for you to just access my files as I update them."

"... I've opened a public drop folder that you can access, petty officer Omari. If you have the files ready you can drop them there, the password is your name. I am launching in a few minutes, I hope that will give you enough time," Kat replied.

"Anything I can't get immediately I will continue to feed there as it might help you as you track them down." Even as she spoke she was gesturing frantically at a nurse for a PADD, as everyone around her could hear the conversation you could see people just as eager to help even if it was just to encourage the yeoman. A person to her left snatched the PADD from the nurse and handed it to Alizabeth with a nod to which she responded mouthing the words ~thank you~. "One moment..." She had spent most of her life helping her mother track shipments and contacts through private messages so this was less an overwhelming amount of data and more a maze that she just had... to... "There, this is the info I can quickly find about contacts they have made since they left the convoy." All the files, which weren't a lot yet but there would be more, she was thorough, "Uploaded and I will keep at this."

"Thank you, petty officer Omari. This is very useful," Kat replied, her voice still that calm, friendly tone it always had. "I have to go now, though. I'm being greenlit for launch," she concluded.

Omari settled the PADD on her legs, “Travel safely.” Her hand came up and gave a thumbs up to any around that had been watching then she took a deep breath and let her head fall forward. She wasn’t done by a long shot, but that got Walker a little closer. Aliza felt better, not physically but she was doing something again and that felt fantastic.


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