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No Sense of Time

Posted on 21 Oct 2023 @ 5:05pm by Captain Easton Lawe & Lieutenant JG Clovis Bray

795 words; about a 4 minute read

Mission: Miranda
Location: Bridge

Clovis was still at the helm console, working on some minor tasks that other departments usually did. So far, they have been lucky because everything was running somewhat smoothly outside of exhaustion.

Clovis didn't mind the work or even the hours. It was quiet, the most challenging thing that Clovis was dealing with, and the blackness on the viewscreen wasn't necessarily helping matters either. {When was I last seeing a chief duty officer or command staff?} Clovis thought as he looked around the bridge. Clovis stood acting like he needed to stretch and walk a little, and if that walk happened to go past the ready room.

Almost a compulsion determined Clovis's next move of hitting the chime if only to ensure the captain or executive officer was okay, as he wasn't sure who was supposed to be on duty.

Well, this had turned into a fine fucking mess...

That was one of the thoughts at the forefront of Captain Easton Lawe's mind as he tried to keep on top of the reports flowing in, seemingly every five minutes, from sickbay. His crew were dropping like flies, though only four deaths so far...

"Only" was a word that hung painfully in his mind as he thought about his conversation with Doctor Martin. The two conversations with Taliborn and Sha'mer were in that mix as well.

When the chime rang, he flinched. That's how tightly wound he was. "Enter," he called, rubbing the bridge of his nose and forcing his muscles to unclench.

Clovis had to take a second to remember why he was standing in the doorway, "right, apologies, didn't mean to interrupt... but I just, unfortunately, have another report, and also to check in," Clovis said, his mind a little foggy and just a little sluggish.

Lawe hadn't been sleeping much. He got to his feet as he waved the young helmsman to a chair, then moved to the replicator. "Can I get you a coffee?"

"Please," Clovis said, almost too eager, but his brain demanded some stimulant, caffeine, to keep functioning.

"You're looking a bit rough, Lieutenant," Easton said, carrying both extra-strong coffees back toward the desk. He handed one to Bray before sitting behind his desk again. "Have you slept at all in the past day or so?"

"Thank you," Clovis said, taking the coffee and blowing on the coffee before taking a small sip. "Maybe an hour," he added, taking a few more sips of his coffee before setting the cup down and rubbing his eyes, 'it feels like a ghost ship,' Clovis added with a chuckle.

Easton smiled mirthlessly and took a long drink from his cup. It was still hot and burned his mouth, but he didn't even mind. It woke him up. "It pretty much is," he said. "We still need to get some rest, however. You won't do us or medical any good if you collapse from exhaustion. If we don't consciously take breaks, our brains and bodies will do it for us and usually choose far worse times."

Clovis knew this was true as he took another sip of his coffee. Injecting him with another hit of caffeine, taking a moment to enjoy that feeling. "I know, it is just tough to justify that in your head when your training is to help the many over the one,' he added with a slight chuckle.

"I do understand," the captain said wryly. "But you can't help anyone if you become unconscious at some random moment. So try to rest more and eat well."

"Fair point, and yes, I'll make sure to get some sustenance that is something more than coffee," Clovis said, chuckling, "and get some rest, but I should also be giving you the same advice," Clovis added, hoping he wasn't overstepping.

That made Easton chuckle quietly. "I'm working on following it, Lieutenant," he said. He appreciated the thought, all told. "I have a couch in my office, however, so resting is a little easier for me." He gestured to the piece of furniture against the side wall, which wasn't quite long enough for his frame but that he made work.

Clovis chuckled as he imagined helm being like a 'diner's bench', "apologies I was just imagining a bench instead of the chair," he said realizing how disastrous that could be.

"It's quite alright, Lieutenant," the captain said with a small smile. "Why don't you go get something to eat and then a bit of rest? At least a healthy nap. The ship will manage--" Somehow, he thought. "--for a little while."

Clovis nodded as he finished his coffee, and set the mug down, "thank you for the coffee and wise words," Clovis said as he stood and moved to the door.


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