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Salvation | PLOT LOG

Posted on 30 Oct 2022 @ 12:21pm by Commander Kristiana Petrova

336 words; about a 2 minute read

Mission: A New Frontier
Location: Auditorium

"Michaelis, Juarez! Covering fire!"

The red alert was still blaring. The piercing shade of crimson flashing through the ship, a droning alarm sounding, unhalted. Orange beams of Type III compression fire lashed through the space, lancing towards their targets.

"Fall back! On me!"

The normally strong voice, barking orders, wavered with exhaustion. Carmine red caked her uniform, staining her torso and leg. A limp in her step, breathing ragged. She hefted her rifle, took quick aim and pulled the trigger. Angry, destructive beams of blazing amber leapt towards their target.

These creatures. Swarming, different sizes, tentacles ripping, rending through metal, wallpaneling and crew alike. Several fellow crewmates she'd seen felled by these beasts. Several beasts she and hers had felled. And yet, they came.

Until they didn't.

Until they all, as if possessed by a single hive mind all turned and left,their tentacles swarming behind their bodies as they did. Through the hole they'd made, back towards the ship's skin, out the aperture they'd torn.

Panting, her phaser sounding an overheating alarm, Kristiana collapsed to a knee, leaning against a bulkhead. "Wha - " She didn't quite understand. "Consolidate positions, on me. Quick perimeter search, they might be back," she called out.

Though when they weren't, she allowed herself to sit down, for a moment, tapping her comm badge. "Petrova to bridge, report."

"They're - ... leaving, commander. Sensors read they've all left and are creating distance. We're taking the opportunity to go to warp and get out of here," came the reply.

"Leaving? They're - ... Thanks, Bridge," she replied. "Petrova out."

Then another tap on her comm badge.

"Computer, broadcast across the entire ship," A moment's pause while the computer chirped an acknowledgement, right as the red alert lifted.

"Crew of Odin, this is Commander Petrova - " A beat to catch her breath. "The invading creatures have left the ship. We're retreating to safer space. Get the wounded medical attention, critical cases directly to sickbay. I want casualty and damage reports on my desk. Petrova out."


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