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We are scientists not fighters

Posted on 22 Oct 2022 @ 6:20pm by Lieutenant Madalene Sabine & Ensign Cydwenn Sov

489 words; about a 2 minute read

Mission: A New Frontier
Location: Science Lab

Madalene was studying scans when yellow alert was started, the amber lights casting a weird hue throughout the labs. "Ugh, what now?" She muttered as she stood and walked out into the main area.

"What is going on?" She asked looking around at her staff.

"Not sure, um...looks like we have some company," one of the specialists said pulling up a mirror of the science console from the bridge, "interesting," the specialist said as their focus was purely on the strange red flashing lights.

"Specialist, are you recording this?" Madalene asked finding the flashing fascinating as well, but her concentration was interrupted by one of her other officers.

"Ma'am, they are releasing the artifact back into space," the officer said moving the image to the main pool table. "It looks like one is putting a tractor beam on it, but instead of energy, it is a physical thing," the officer said unsure of how else to explain it.

Just then the ship shook, and the yellow hue changed to deep red, as the lights dimmed and the ship shook again, and the images from the bridge shut off. Then, all hell broke loose.

"INTRUDER ALERT! INTRUDER ALERT! INTRUDER ALERT!" The alarm blared alerting everyone that the ship was being boarded.

Madalene took a deep breath and looked around, knowing she needed to be the voice of calm. "Alright, alright!!!" She shouted, "you know the drill, we have trained for something like this, I know that we hoped that would never happen, but we know what we need to do, secure all computers, and projects, and then lock all doors and get into the offices," she shouted over the alert.

[Few Minutes Later]

Computers were secure and locked, most projects were secured or as best as they could. Doors were locked and the crew made it into offices, terrified as they were scientists, in their eyes, this should never happen.

"Alright," Madalene said looking at the now silent main lab, and feeling hurt seeing it, this way.

"Ma'am, ma'am," Cydwenn said, "we should get to your office," Cydwenn said as she tried to keep her breathing under control.

"Yes, let's," Madalene said leading the ensign to her office, grateful she wasn't alone but also hating that she had so many of her staff in the many other offices off of the main lab.

"Shouldn't we do more?" Cydwenn asked knowing that she couldn't do much, but she felt useless.

"We are, we do exactly what we need to do, which is stay out of the way, and stay safe," Madalene said taking a seat at her desk, and tapping a few buttons as she tried to get some updates.

"Right, right," Cydwenn said repeating herself, in hopes of that keeping her calm.

Now they waited, waited for the inevitable of either a full-scale invasion and take over, or that wonderful news that ship security repelled the invaders.


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