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In Engineering

Posted on 22 Nov 2022 @ 5:08pm by The Narrator & Lieutenant Commander Thex sh'Zoarhi

667 words; about a 3 minute read

Mission: A New Frontier
Timeline: During the Battle

=/\= Begin Log

"This...This isn't good, Commander!" Junior Lieutenant Dhalia called from where she stood at a console, reading automated damage reports coming in from all over the Odin. She gripped the edges of it as the ship shuddered again, using it to keep herself on her feet. "Hull breaches on decks...three, four, seven... Forcefields are in place and holding, for the moment, but there's more of enemy craft attaching to the hull!"

Thex slid down the ladder and rushed over to the lieutenant. " Ancestors help us. Send what power we have available to reinforce the hull and shields let's try and keep that thing off of us for as long as we can." she yelled at the top of her voice.

Dhalia nodded, already feeling tension in her muscles from trying to keep herself steady while the ship shook from and in every direction. "Redirecting power from the holodecks, all non-essential systems, and unoccupied spaces. If anyone is hiding in that block of vacant rooms on deck nine, they'll be very cold and in the dark now."

" Let's hope the life support holds." Thex yelled. " Everyone into emergency engineering suits this is going get nasty." She added looking at the status on the screen.

"Let's hope we don't need them," Dhalia replied, tapping away at a few more commands before forcing herself to move away long enough to reach the emergency suit locker built into the bulkhead nearby--as so many others were. Invisible until you needed them. "So far, life support is holding steady and forcefields are still covering the breaches."

"Anyhting on the scanners to indicate what the tentacles are made from?" Thex asked with a yell

Dhalia grunted as the ship shook again. "Nothing exactly conclusive," she replied unhelpfully. "It looks like they aren't all exactly made with the same material composition. I see...several different alloys and...biological material?" That bit was said with a tone halfway between confusion and disgust. "I can't tell what function it serves in the mix, but it doesn't seem to be impervious to damage. Internal sensors are picking up on several with damaged or partial tendrils by now."

" Try flooding the pannels around them with electricity. Let's see if we can fry them off the ship." Thex yelled

"I'll have to reroute some power to do that," Dhalia returned. "Where do you want me to pull it from?" Pretty much everything they had to spare was going to weapons, structural integrity, and making sure life support didn't go out.

Thex raced her brain for ideas until one slapped into her head. " Pull the power from the backup shuttle power packs and any other system not needed. Replicators, lighting anything." She yelled.

Dhalia groaned inwardly but outwardly, she just said, "I'll do what I can."

It was like working on a roller coaster for a little while, but she was able to test the electrify method on a section of panels close to engineering where a "creature" had found their way in. It seemed successful, but the engineer was spared from having to find a way to electrify the whole ship without killing any of the crew because as abruptly as it had started, the shaking stopped. Everything was very suddenly...quiet.

Looking up and around with wide eyes for just a moment, Dhalia said, "Do you think it's over?"

Thex's antenna stopped vibrating as it seemed to return to the same normal quite. " Let's hope so. Let's try and get main power restored and damage control teams out to get the most critical points fixed."

Dhalia nodded shakily as she turned back to her console, which was fortunately still working--if flickering here and there--to isolate the trouble spots and start figuring out how to fix...maybe everything?

Thex had begun bringing up her own damage report. " Okay beta and gamma shift go and get something to eat and drink. Altha and omega shifts will start patching this mess up." She said into her team wide coms.


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