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Composite Breakdowns Excitement

Posted on 03 Sep 2022 @ 2:13pm by Lieutenant Madalene Sabine & Lieutenant Commander Harva Taliborn

Mission: A New Frontier
Location: Science Lab

Madalene spun the image looking at it, finding it fascinating, frustrating, and extremely nervous. "....oh, look at this, the probes are getting some new data! Good, it's one the composite breakdown of the 'thing'," Madalene said moving to the side so the prominent commander could also see.

Harva leaned in, ears laying back - it helped him concentrate on reading the small print on the small, standard federation-sized PaDDs. Sirran eyes were a bit below average on the federation species' vision acuity scale, but he made up for that in other areas. "Interesting," he rumbled. "Still some elements the computer doesn't recognize. Means we get to name them," he added with a grin.

"Was never good at naming things," Madalene said absentmindedly as she moved over to the new set of scans, "hmm, now this is interesting," Madalene said blowing up the image, "....look at this," she said showing the warp trail, but it looked like a comet trail.

"Scattered particles in a warp trail?" Harva rumbled, furrowing his brows. "No, not a warp trail. Too broad, not long enough. Some sort of displacement event, that's for sure though.

Tapping a few more buttons Madalene pulled up images, scans, and any and all data of the hull of the ship, "fascinating, look at these readings, this must be debris and everything else that gets picked up when something goes through a wormhole," Madalene said trying to start deciphering what was from coming through the wormhole, and what was spacial debris, and what was the hull.

"Utterly fascinating. I'm no scientist, but I bet that if we bring some of those trace elements onboard we might be able to figure out where this thing came from," he thumbed to the artifact behind him.

Madalene nodded, "I'll also rope in ensign Sov she'll be able to help us track down where those trace elements come from, and can hopefully build a star map for us," Madalene said with a smile finally feeling in her element. "Outside of the Bajoran wormhole, how many do you know of?"

Harva flicked an ear. "The Borg have their transwarp conduits, though the principle is different," he rumbled. "Though folding space to instantly translate from one location to another is a centuries-old theory. It's fascinating to find evidence of someone actually figuring it out. Alright, you bring some of that stuff aboard and contact Ensign Sov. This is all fascinating."

Madalene nodded as she started forming what equipment she would need, which was not necessarily a lot of equipment, but it was very specific equipment. "Did we get permission to bring the artifact aboard, if not....I'll need to rethink some of my ideas," Madalene said chuckling.

"Yeah, it's waiting in the forward shuttle bay, behind a force field. Should give it some time to catch up with the ship's temperature before touching it though," he explained. "It was the same temperature throughout as ambient space, don't want to freeze your fingers the moment you touch it," he concluded.

"That is good information to have, how is lieutenant Veera handling having this artifact onboard?" Madalene asked hoping they were handling it okay.

"She's at the very least curious, much as I've been able to read from her. Though she's very hard to read," Harva mused. "Though she wasn't happy about working with Ensign Walker to jury rig a workable forcefield with quick release and emergency eject functions. But time was of the essence."

"Good, good I'll make sure to speak with her and just let her know what I am planning on doing," Madalene said with a soft smile, "welp! I better get to work," she said giving the commander a nod.


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