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An Entrance [Plot Prologue-ish]

Posted on 26 Apr 2022 @ 5:33pm by The Narrator

Mission: A New Frontier
Location: Somewhere in Space...

For an agonizingly long moment, space looked like it was being violently shorn apart with an old-fashioned blow torch.

A line of blood-red appeared seemingly out of nowhere and wrenched its way down until a seam existed between the stars.

One long, multi-segmented, metallic tentacle--each bit and joint glowing with red light--slipped through this torn bit of the galaxy. It wedged through with visible difficulty at first before the rest of the dread appendage shoved its way through, followed by a second, then a third and a forth. Once all four were pressed within, the split--two each way--to seemingly open the seam into a gash.

This was just as ugly and seemingly aggressive as it had been from the first moment, but now it was wide enough to give birth to the rest of the creature. More appendages, a rounded metallic body still covered in red lights with several prominent "eye" lights at the very front of it as it hauled itself through the gash that permitted it into "our" universe.

After it was through, the thing--machine or creature, it was unclear--paused just in front of the gash and hovered in space. Red lights shot out from its eyes, sweeping in every direction around itself. This lasted for some time but when it stopped, a pulse pressed outward from it. There wasn't anyone around it there to feel it, but it went behind it and through the tear in space to something on the other side.

Several somethings, as a matter of fact.

From there, one by one, the metal monster crawled through the gash until they were a swarm in our galaxy.

Unknown to anyone, as yet, in this quiet little section of space. Unknown to the USS Odin or its fellow ships, right in their way between where they were and where they were going.

They'd know soon, though. Very soon.


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