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Scientific scrutinations

Posted on 12 Jun 2022 @ 1:53pm by Lieutenant Commander Harva Taliborn & Lieutenant Madalene Sabine & Ensign Cydwenn Sov

1,116 words; about a 6 minute read

Mission: A New Frontier
Location: Science office

PaDD in hand, the ship's resident wolfman made his way down to science. He had been given detailed files on Sal'kiiran technology, the basics needed to understand the new drive, but he was failing to fully be able to wrap his head around some of the things in there, and he wanted a second opinion. A sounding board, so to say. Might as well introduce himself to the scientists onboard at the same time.

Madalene was speaking with one of her other scientists as they looked over some star charts. "Well we finally got a full star chart update, but I am still gonna need some time make some adjustments here and there," Cydwenn said.

"Okay, but sooner than later helm is going need them," Madalene said spotting someone new, "hello, can we help you?"

"Maybe," his basso profondo voice rumbled as he ducked through the bulkhead. "I'm El-Tee-Cee Taliborn, but you can just call me Harva. I'm the new chief engineer onboard this boat. Figure I'd drop by, introduce myself, maybe see if one of you could take a look at this thing I'm trying to get my head around. Sal'kiiran technology. It's fascinating stuff."

"I heard we have some new tech onboard, but I must admit I haven't had a lot of time to read up on this species," Madalene said looking at, well she wasn't 100% sure what she was looking at, "...but lets go take a look and see what we can discover," she added with a smile.

"Haven't even gotten around to examining the new drive tech yet, need to wrap my head around some basics first," Harva mused, setting the padd down on a console with a massive paw. "On the whole their tech seems conventional, except - " he started to explain the very basics of Sal'kiiran tech.

"Ensign Sov, come and join us I would like to expand your abilities," Madalene said with a small smile, "if that is okay with you lieutenant?" She asked.

The three of them poured over the technology, learning the basics. Theoretical matters were a bit harder for Harva to get his head around, he had always been a more practical kind of person. Still, together with the three of them slowly worked through the theory and discussed the practical aspect of it.

Madalene was looking over a PaDD, her feet up on the table humming slightly as she read through the theories, "....this shouldn't work, and yet here it is theoretically working," Madalene said sounding frustrated and yet excited at the same time, as she rubbed her eyes.

"No, no no, it makes sense," Harva's sonorous bass rumbled. "See, with the electromagnetic field generated here, compensating for the - this, that's how it achieves that effect," he mused. "Marvelous. Though - I think I've had enough of studying, for now, my brain's buzzing," he added.

Cydwenn did see what he was talking about and it was crazy, "...yes my head is buzzing as well, but but how did they even come by the equations or even just the idea for the equations?" Cydwenn asked looking over at the engineer.

Harva shrugged. "That's for historians to figure out. I'm done thinking for the day, need to percolate this for a bit, resume tomorrow," he offered.

"Um, sure," Madalene said with a smile as she set down her PaDD.

Harva leaned back and rolled his massive shoulders, wincing slightly. "Oof. Well, thank y'all for your help," A pause. "Anyways, I'm new on the ship. Cap'n felt he'd throw me right into the deep end, that's the saying, right? Were y'all on the ship when it was in the other continuity?"

"Yes that is a saying," the young Boomer said, "err, yes to both," she added thinking back to that, and all the loss they suffered, but the crazy data and the amount of data they got from their little adventure, "it was...," Madalene said leaving it hanging.

"It was terrifying and fascinating at the same time," Cydwenn continued the sentiment and thought of her department head.

"Terrifying?" Harva asked.

"Yeah, I mean we were," Cydwenn stopped and looked at the man, "wouldn't you be scared or terrified if you realized you may not be able to get home, and everything you know was gone?"

"I already can't and it already is," Harva flicked an ear, a grim smirk on lupine features. "But I realize I'm an outlier in this."

"Excuse the ensign, we are still kinda getting back to normal, and yeah, but having you is gonna help us get back to normal, and hopefully this feeling of 'could this be a dream', clears up soon," Madalene said with a soft smile, and resting a hand on the ensign's forearm.

"I'm a Sirran, and I've seen war. Different things terrify me than you, Ensign," Harva mused, his voice soft and a smile on lupine features to let Sov know he took no offense. "So what happened over there? You picked up an AI, I saw on the manifest? Put her into a fighter?"

Madelene stepped in quickly seeing the ensign's mouth drop, "yes, the AI that I help move into a fighter chassis, we also picked up an interesting Hare (rabbit) species that stepped up into my previous position," Madelene said, "a lot happened, but a lot was learned."

"I've met Lieutenant Veera, yes. Fascinating person. Very storied," Harva agreed, rolling his shoulders a bit to loosen up some tension. "I hear things about a - planet of the dead? What's that all about?"

Madalene gulped, "it it," Madalene closed her eyes flashes of what she said, and did while she was possessed by the dead ran like a fragmented movie, " was awful," she said quietly.

Ears lay flat, a concerned expression on Harva's lupine features. "Oh - I'm sorry, did not mean to bring up bad memories, my apologies," he mused quietly, his voice a rumbling presence. A hand reached over to rest on Madalene's shoulder, giving it a soft squeeze. "It's alright, you're safe here. You're alright."

"Thank you," Madalene said finding comfort in the small gesture, "...I am working on getting past it, but it is taking longer than I thought to get over all of it," she added.

"Yeah, I can imagine. Traumatic events take a long time to process, and oftentimes that process remains incomplete. Once again my apologies," he offered with a sincere rumble.

" is anyone hungry?" Cydwenn asked, not to change the subject, but to actually cover up her stomach grumbles.

"Yeah I could go for a bite," Harva grinned, perhaps in a slightly unsettling manner.

"Sure, I can always eat." Madeline said softly, trying to regroup.


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