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Set sail

Posted on 19 Mar 2022 @ 4:20pm by Commander Kristiana Petrova
Edited on on 19 Mar 2022 @ 4:40pm

Mission: A New Frontier
Location: Bridge

The word had come in, seven hours later than scheduled. But, finally, everything was ready for departure. All the materials had been loaded and secured, extra engineers had come aboard and been assigned quarters for the duration. The other ships in the small, makeshift fleet had reported ready with their engineers, settlers, builders and materials and were awaiting the signal.

Odin had been chosen to lead the fleet as she was the most tactically advanced ship in the fleet. Perhaps not the biggest in tonnage, but certainly the most powerfully armed, with her tactical refit. As the final ready reports from the fleet came in Kris sat up in the center chair. She put the book she'd be reading away - Descent into Madness by Alice M. Merriweather, a supernatural psychological horror story, something nice to keep herself awake at this time of night.

"Status report," she asked.

"Helm ready,"

"Tactical, ready,"

"Engineering, green across the board,"

"Operations good to go,"

"Science, ready,"

That took care of the stations present on the bridge. Which only left a few, that were most readily reached via comm badge.

"Bridge to Medical, status report," Kris mused, a level of excitement in her voice.

"Medical here, stocked and ready," came the reply, with a slight crackle of static.

"Bridge to the 505th, Berserkers, status report,"

"Fighterwing Berserkers present and ready, Ma'am," was the easy response. Easy and eager, finally a real mission.

"Bridge to Security, status report,"

"Security ready to go Ma'am," sounded a tired voice.

That took care of the departments. Kris wiggled in her seat a bit, antsy to finally get underway. "Helm, lay in a course. Kiir system, warp five."

"Warp five, aye Commander."

"Ops, signal the fleet, warm up engines, we warp in thirty seconds, on my mark."

"Aye Commander, signalling fleet."

Kris counted the seconds. The quiet hum of the ship's engines deepened, as the warp nacelles started glowing, the deflector activating.

"Five ... Four ... Three ... Two ... One ... Mark!"

And with that, streaks of blue marking space where the fleet had been waiting, they'd set sail for unknown lands.


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