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A Foggy Head

Posted on 23 Apr 2022 @ 1:42pm by Lieutenant Madalene Sabine & Ensign Kat Walker & Lieutenant Amelia Warner

Mission: A New Frontier
Location: Sickbay

Entering the infirmary Madalene looked around as she gulped, nervous as hell that they were gonna find something, and something of course would be terminal, or worse not terminal but she was slowly going insane. "Okay, okay Madalene you can do this," she muttered to herself forcing herself to take the last few steps up to the chief.

Having ridden Madalene's shoulder all the way down to sickbay, Kat-creature lept off and, with a shimmer, shifted her avatar to her humanoid form again, taking a position to Madalene's side and a little bit behind her.

"Um," cough cough, Madalene started as she cleared her throat, "um, I I think there is something wrong with my head," Madalene said.

Amelia happened to be the doctor on duty when the two women came in and she made her way over to them, her eyes swinging between the AI's avatar and the chief of science. "Come and have a seat," she said, leading the pair to a biobed and waving for Sabine to sit. "What seems to be the problem?"

Kat remained silently in the background. This was Madalene's job. She was just here for some support.

Madalene gulped, as she built up the courage, "my memory, it um, it hasn't been the same, I am forgetting things. Not right away, but, but I am forgetting small things," Madalene said trying to keep her voice from quivering.

Frowning with concern, Amelia nodded. She pulled out her tricorder and unsnapped the satellite device. "Are you experiencing any other symptoms?" she asked as she began scanning.

Madalene took a deep breath, "weirdly double-vision or I guess more like tunnel vision," Madalene said, "and then I guess that's usually when someone mentions that we discussed this already or that we talked about this," Madalene said sounding a little annoyed, but annoyed wasn't right more like frustrations of having to deal with this, or needing someone else deal with this.

The doctor frowned again. "And how long has this been going on?"

"A few days, and honestly I just think it is lack of sleep, and just me being busy trying to get caught up after we were kicked off hte ship," Madalene said simply.

"Hmm," Amelia said noncommittally while the scans took place. Although she had started with a full-body scan, she ran a more intensive look around Sabine's head. "Have you hit your head recently and not come to see us?" she asked after a short time.

Kat remained silent, just standing aside. This was not her specialty nor had she particular knolwedge to contribute. She hoped that just being there gave Madalene the confidence she needed.

{Did I,} Madalene thought as she looked back, "....oh I did, I was doing something underneath my desk, most likely picking something up, and I must have banged my head after I picked up whatever I dropped. Didn't realize it, but must have hit my head harder than I thought," she said simply. But, there was still something in the back of her mind that it had something to do with their last mission, or mission before making it back.

"It's common for short term memory to be lost when a human being hits their head hard enough to affect function," Kat opined. That was one of the few things she did know about healthcare. "So it makes sense that you wouldn't quite remember the moment of impact."

"Ms. Walker is correct," Amelia agreed, snapping her tricorder shut and moving to the tray table to grab a hypospray. "Unfortunately, it can be difficult to know what is hard enough to damage or not."

Madalene nodded. The unknowing, for her she loved that she loved figuring out the unknown, but now that the unknown was in her own head was terrifying. "I just don't know what the mean, I mean I can't be a good department head if my memory isn't what it should be?"

"In the future, come by and see me if you hit your head again," Amelia said with a smile. "For this, though, we have some treatment and your memory issues should recover. You'll be feeling better in about a day, but I'd like you to stay here for the evening for observation." She put a vial into the hypospray and turned to press it to Sabine's neck.

"Will you be alright, Madalene?" Kat asked.

Madalene snapped out of it, "oh yes, yes I'll be fine," she said looking at Kat, "thank you for coming, and thank you, doctor, am I clear for duty still?"

"Of course, Madalene," Kat mused. Her form shimmered, changing back to the four-winged avian dinosaur she favored to get around the ship, once more taking perch on Lieutenant Sabine's shoulder.

Amelia smiled with amusement at the dino-bird and then looked at the lieutenant. "After your night here for observation," she reiterated. "After that, if there are no further issues, you'll be clear for duty."

Madalene sighed but nodded in understandng, she did know how dangerous concussions and head injuries could be. "Okay, well I guess I better send a message to ensign Sov as she'll be in charge of science for a little bit," Madalene said pulling out a PaDD and sending a message to the ensign.


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