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Reporting In

Posted on 06 Jan 2022 @ 10:02pm by Captain Easton Lawe & Lieutenant Commander Harva Taliborn

Mission: A New Frontier
Location: Ready Room

So, the Odin, huh. He'd always liked Nebulas. Liked working on them. Not too big, not too small, dependable engines, sturdy spaceframe. Comes from being based on Galaxy class technology. But more of a workhorse than a showpony. Like the Galaxy. If only Starfleet had deemed to make the corridors a bit taller. Harva always lost his top hat in them. And often banged his head on the doorframe in the bulkheads. Fortunately he was a Sirran, a species rather known for being very ... very hardheaded.

His arrival on the bridge drew quite a few looks from the assembled crew. Especially when he flashed them a toothy grin, rumbled a bassy 'hello' and offered a wave of a massive, furred and clawed paw as with the other he put his top hat back on. That done he made his way to the readyroom door to ring the announce-o-matic.

The man in the ready room had actually slipped in around shift change, so chances are that not many on the bridge knew he was there. It was fine. They'd all know soon...of course, one officer was about to know sooner than the others. The chime rang and Easton looked up from beneath his brows. "Enter," he called.

And enter Harva did, ducking through the bulkhead. Though once inside he paused, slowly rising to his full height. "You're not Captain Thorne. Am I on the right ship? Has to be, wouldn't have gotten cleared through if I wasn't," he spoke, flicking an ear, his voice a rumbling basso profondo. "El-tee-cee Harva Taliborn, reporting. I'll be your new Engineer, Captain," the massive officer with the top hat offered a salute.

"Interesting headwear, Commander," Easton commented with a curious half-smile. "You are on the right ship but you are also correct that I'm not Captain Thorne. She has been reassigned and I'm the new captain, although this is literally my first hours on the ship. There's a staff briefing in a few minutes that you can walk with me too where the crew gets to learn this fact." He waved at his replicator as he moved toward it. "Can I offer you anything?"

Harva flicked an ear. "Orange juice, please. Thank you." The big engineer's basso profondo rumbled. "My hat - I wear it for - religious reasons," he added with a grin, setting down a PADD and a paper bag on Easton's desk. "Y'see, I'm a Sirran, and a big one at that. I'm well aware that creatures not much unlike me are a common horror villain in other race's stories and that we Sirrran cut an intimidating figure. I find that when I'm walking the halls of a ship and people don't expect me, they can be - jumpy. I believe that by wearing a silly hat, that takes away some of the intimidation factor and eases peoples instincts and heartrates when they come across me unexpectedly." he explained with a grin, flashing dagger-like canines and razorsharp teeth.

"Transfer orders and hamburger muffins. Please, have some. Baked them myself," he added, motioning to the paper bag.

Easton's dark brows rose as he handed the big wolf a glass and then looked at the bag. "Hamburger muffins?" he asked. "Is that somehow different than the Earth dish meatloaf when made in mini shapes?"

"Thank you," Harva nodded as he took the glass, which looked almost comically small in his clawed hand. He motioned to the bag, "Mm, try one, they're good."

"I'll try one later," Lawe replied with a chuckle. "I just had breakfast." He picked up a few PADDs off the desk, glancing through them quickly. "We have a few minutes before we have to go start the staff briefing. What would you like me to know about you before we get the circus going?"

Harva flicked an ear, considering for a moment. "Dunno," he shrugged. "I think everything pertinent's in my file. Anything that isn't, feel free to ask, whenever," he added.

Easton nodded. "I'm sure we'll get there," he said. "For now, let's meet the staff and see what's ahead of us."


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