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Ensign Orion Belmont

Name Orion Belmont

Position Fighter Pilot

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5ft 10
Weight 85kg
Hair Color Brown-Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Broad shouldered and stocky of limb, Prion has an athletic physique that is kept that way through regular maintenance in part, youthful vigour making up the rest. Short hair that never seems able to be tamed, put to shame by a short cropped and well styled beard gracing his jaw and a strong nose pointing out above blue eyes that seem to dart from interest to interest unless he truly focuses.

His hands are rough from years of physical activity and various 'projects'. The latter may stain his fingertips if it is of a more 'archaic' fancy that he has taken a liking to. His hands are very expressive when he talks and his smile fills both his eyes and mouth, and is usually genuine and warm.


Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Boisterous and brash may be words applied to Orion, alongside loyal and companionable. A sense of humour also, largely sarcastic in nature. He enjoys the company of others, and a good drink or two whilst spending time with them. People fascinate him and he likes to watch them, mulling over their emotions and motivations.

He is both idealistic and altruistic by nature, young enough and without much tragedy to turn his beliefs to a more cynical nature. Loyal to a fault and passionate in his self-expression - a fact which has caused him trouble on more than one occasion. Too honest, some have said about him, and not much of a political bone in his body.

Enjoys puzzles, particularly engineering/mechanical and scientific - a left over of his upbringing by much more accomplished parents. He loves to fly and adrenaline is possibly his best friend.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:

~ Perceptive
~ Loyal


~ Laziness
~ Overly Sensitive
Hobbies & Interests Climbing, running, martial arts, mechanical/engineering projects, reading, drinking, socialising


Personal History Orion's childhood was not much different than others born to two parents with busy, important careers that took up much of their time. He was given enough love, nurturing and care that he grew up to be reasonably well adjusted. Stimulation to puzzles, interaction with his parents work at times and other events gave him an understanding and intelligence that made schooling relatively easy - too easy many said. Seeking challenges became more a game of what trouble he could cause, or low level disruption he could get involved in. Acting out was a regular occurrence, though nothing so terrible it caused anything beyond annoyance and minor punishment - he was bored, not evil.

His abilities, and love, of flying started to become apparent towards the end of his teenage years - many of them filled with reprimands for flying and riding without proper authority and/or racing and seeking the adrenaline rush that fast became his best friend...and worst enemy. It was to his parent's great disappointment, which they hid behind smiles, that he chose flight school when enrolling at the Academy. They hoped, at least, that it would straighten him out and put truth to the academic scores that he managed to post to qualify.

His higher education did end up giving him values that he held to - and a sense of altruistic loyalty that continues tot he present day. He had never really appreciated much how something larger than himself could be worth being a part of, unless it was a ship. Still, his inherent streaks of boisterousness and lack of focus meant that he was far from a perfect cadet. He graduated, largely due to his excellent piloting skills, and took up postings with various ships.

Each ship he started well, even getting close to promotion, then fell from grace. Whether it be laziness, being too honest and not political enough, getting into trouble or a collection of minor things - he went through ship after ship, as one which would make a 'proper ensign' out of him could be found.

Eventually he was given the choice, one last shot, the USS Odin...or dismissal. He chose the former, and tried to refocus himself, and hope he could make it work.
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