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Ensign Cydwenn Sov

Name Cydwenn Sov

Position Science Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Ba'Ku
Age 23

Physical Appearance

Height 158cm (5’2”)
Weight 7kg (105lbs)
Hair Color Raven Black
Eye Color Ice Blue
Physical Description Cydwenn’s alabaster tone creates this creamy white that hints at innocence; which in some cases were true, the skin also exudes a slight glow, as if she is somehow illuminated from the inside.

Her ice blue eyes pop even more in contracts to her alabaster skin and to tie everything together is her shoulder length raven black hair.

Cydwenn is quite short standing at 5’2” and average weight for her height well toned from pilates workouts with some light weight lifting. Down her left arm she had stars all blacked out expect for a old-school looking outline of a lock. These started at her elbow and went down to her wrist.


Mother Eirtaerse
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview
Strengths & Weaknesses Cydwenn’s passion is her greatest strength. Even though she let that passion down she is still passionate about science. Stress is her biggest weakness and is what led to her career troubles.
Ambitions Her main ambition is to restore her reputation in the science community.
Hobbies & Interests


Personal History a’ku was the quiet secluded planet in the middle of everything. Low technology foot-print then the Son’a showed up. Which meant an intervention by Starfleet which brought technology and exposure to the rest of the universe.

This was the Ba’ku that Cydwenn grew up in and well she loved it or she just didn’t know anything else. Few years after the whole Son’a incident a small science vessel arrived bringing a small crew to study the Briar Patch and its unique qualities. They also used some the settlements on Ba’Ku for RnR as they were gonna be studying the Briar Patch for several months.

And every time they came down they made sure to find ways to share what they discovered and this was how Cydwenn got involved in the sciences finding what these people were doing completely and utterly fascinating. Her mother saw this and found ways for Cydwenn to spend as much time as possible with these scientist.

But eventually the project that the scientists were working on ended putting Ba’Ku back into isolationist with the occasional transport. So when Cydwenn turned 18 she boarded one of these transports and headed for Earth to apply for the academy after hearing stories of it from some of the scientists that served in Starfleet.

The four years in the academy flew by and Cydwenn enjoyed every minuet of it. She wasn’t near the top of her class nor was she near the top of the middle of her class but she gave it her all was able to graduate and get assigned.

Her first assignment was a short one 3 months max. The USS Lavender a aging Intrepid class was sent to Ajilon Prime to help catalogue some new plant life. It was tedious but Cydwenn was able to do something she enjoyed and it allowed her to not be stuck on a ship all the time.

The next assignment that the Lavender got was gonna be 9 month tour following a comet that was acting peculiar as well as having an odd mineral breakdown. The assignment was interesting at first but like with her first assignment it started to become tedious and repetitive as they tracked and took samples.

Problem was as a science officer Starfleet did require papers to be written for scientific journals. Cydwenn’s problem was she has had only two assignments and neither of those assignments gave her much free time for side-projects which was usually used for the papers. So she had to do papers on the new plant-life that was found on Ajilon Prime and this bizarre comet. So that’s what she did and she did end up having one of her papers published.

And when the Lavender returned back to Earth she was brought in front of an ethic committee where they brought the following charges of some plagiarism and falsifying data. Luckily they were able to pull her paper before it was viewed by the whole scientific community or at least most of them. And the ethics committee was also trying to cover their ass seeing as they didn’t see the blatant plagiarism and falsifying data.

So Cydwenn truly did get a slap on the wrist. She lost her officer status and was made a cadet again and was not allowed to publish anything for two years along not allowed to work on any big projects and reassigned.
Service Record 4 years at the Academy
Assigned to the USS Odin

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