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Lieutenant Madalene Sabine

Name Madalene Sabine

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Boomer

Physical Appearance

Hair Color Brunette
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Madalene somehow always had grease or a grease-like substance on her. Her shoulder length brunette hair was always a mess. But then again Madalene wasn’t big on looks. You won’t find Madalene in uniform she’ll always be in coveralls.


Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Growing up on a freighter which even in a evolved time was still very much a male dominated realm especially when it came to engineers/mechanics but luckily Madalene’s father made sure she knew that she could do anything. So Madalene or Maddy; what her father called her, adopted a tom-boy persona and look plus she always got along better with boys than girls.
Strengths & Weaknesses
Hobbies & Interests


Personal History Luckily for Madalene her father was always encouraging and her mother was as well just not in the same way. It was also lucky ‘cause this how she found her passion doing what her father did and to do it as good as he did it.

So from about 10 years old Madalene’s father taught her everything he knew of mechanics and engineering. So when she turned 15 she was a member of the crew working in the engine room. As well as doing most of the work in the jeffery tubes because of her small stature.

Then tragedy struck the freighter hit a freak plasma storm from the Badlands causing massive damage and her father made the ultimate sacrifice for his family which was sacrificing himself to save the ship, crew and his family. After the incident the freighter returned to Earth where Madalene and her mother left the freighter and made a life on Earth.

This was where Madalene got a formal education which allowed her to enter Starfleet Academy. 4 years later she came out of the academy as an operations officer and instead of an ensign she came out as an junior lieutenant which she always thanks her father for that.
Service Record 3x years serving as a mechanic on the freighter she was conceived/given birth on
4x years Starfleet Academy and then assigned to USS Odin after graduation

Writer & Character Awards

Writer Awards This ribbon is awarded for exceptional logging and interactions in the department of Operations.

This award is given for those writers who decide to not just quietly let a character vanish or transfer them but to actually kill off a PC.
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