Welcome to the USS Odin!

"We choose whether to be warriors or to be ordinary." ~ Carlos Castaneda


The USS Odin is home.

After spending almost a year in an alternate timeline where Starfleet did not and had never existed, the crew of the Odin endured a strange sequence of events orchestrated by a stranger woman.

A woman who, apparently, had the power to send them back to their own space, and that's exactly what she did.

Now, the crew--and some guests--are home in their own timeline and back with the familiar again. It's time to recover and reacclimate, and figure out... What's next?

Latest Mission Posts

» PLOT LOG: Curiouser

Mission: Miranda
Posted on 24 Feb 2024 @ 3:41pm by The Narrator & Crewman Apprentice Unknown 'Weirdo'

The crew had been given permission to explore the natural areas surrounding the camp "within reason," though it was a relatively flat and arid space. There were some trees and once you wandered a bit, there were even cave systems. Not much flora and even less fauna, but some intriguing…

» Beware of AIs Bearing Gifts

Mission: Miranda
Posted on 20 Jan 2024 @ 2:35pm by Captain Easton Lawe & Ensign Kat Walker

If Kat could feel relieved at the fact that she was approaching her destination and her multi-day mission was done, she would. Accomplished, too - though what did it even mean to feel accomplished? Pride in her achievements, said the dictionary definition, but she was still unsure she could feel…

» Fire-side Tales

Mission: Miranda
Posted on 12 Jan 2024 @ 3:58pm by Captain Easton Lawe & Crewman Apprentice Unknown 'Weirdo'

Evening had come for their first night on the planet. They had managed to get just-enough assembled for everyone to have shelter for the night and manage for their short time down here. A couple enterprising souls had set up firepits and even gotten fires started, drawing in a crowd…

» A Good Place to Be

Mission: Miranda
Posted on 05 Jan 2024 @ 7:51pm by Commander Elleese Elloyia & Petty Officer 2nd Class Alizabeth Omari

Elleese was reminded of an old idiom from Earth about frying pans and fires.

While there was much improvement in everyone's health since the treatments began, it was still an absurd necessity to move an entire ship's worth of people--four ships' worth, as a matter of fact--down to the planet…

» Home Is Where The Shelters Are

Mission: Miranda
Posted on 03 Jan 2024 @ 4:13pm by Petty Officer 2nd Class Alizabeth Omari & Ensign Orion Belmont

As he re-materialized upon the planet he couldn't stop the involuntary shudder that rippled through him and he shook his head, his feet stepping this way and that way slightly as if you subconsciously check that they were still there and functional. His eyes scanned around him and he noted…