Welcome to the USS Odin!

"We choose whether to be warriors or to be ordinary." ~ Carlos Castaneda


The USS Odin is home.

After spending almost a year in an alternate timeline where Starfleet did not and had never existed, the crew of the Odin endured a strange sequence of events orchestrated by a stranger woman.

A woman who, apparently, had the power to send them back to their own space, and that's exactly what she did.

Now, the crew--and some guests--are home in their own timeline and back with the familiar again. It's time to recover and reacclimate, and figure out... What's next?

Latest Mission Posts

» Interference Signature

Mission: Miranda
Posted on 12 Jul 2024 @ 10:43am by Commander Kristiana Petrova & Ensign Kat Walker & The Narrator

Junior Lieutenant Amala Misra had been left in charge of monitoring the reports from the away team that had headed to the caves as well as keeping an eye on the sensors that tracked their comm badges. That strange crewman fella had already gone in the caves and come back…

» Awakening

Mission: Miranda
Posted on 20 Jun 2024 @ 1:44pm by Odin

((OOC: Optional soundtrack: https://youtu.be/mQFPk8n97wk?si=AwhYsr_ARM6QIrFa))

Odin awoke to the sound of horns blaring in the distance.

When she opened her eyes for the first time in what felt like an eternity, she wasn’t aware of where she was at first. This disorientation was enough to disturb her, because she really she…

» Subterranean Secrets [Part I]

Mission: Miranda
Posted on 16 Jun 2024 @ 10:14am by Commander Elleese Elloyia & Lieutenant Commander Cintia Sha'mer & Petty Officer 2nd Class Alizabeth Omari

A motley little group had been assembled to return to the cave system where the strangers had been found. There was security, naturally, since they could not trust that there were no dangers there or other people who were far less friendly than the group they had found. There was…

» Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Mission: Miranda
Posted on 10 Apr 2024 @ 2:26pm by Commander Kristiana Petrova & The Narrator

"He what??" Kristiana stared dumbfoundedly at the message on her PADD, then just shook her head and sighed, shoulders slumping. Tychon had managed to completely baffle the Russian ex-oh. He'd managed to go to an uninhabited planet, and yet somehow found friends. Friends that he was now bringing over to…

» So, About That...

Mission: Miranda
Posted on 08 Apr 2024 @ 7:27pm by Captain Easton Lawe & Crewman Apprentice Unknown 'Weirdo'

The crowd had started to thin around the newcomers, with more directed conversations taking place. The group that would go into the cave system was already preparing to depart, and Easton didn't feel any need to oversee that. He would touch base with Petrova shortly about her conversation with this…