Welcome to the USS Odin!

"We choose whether to be warriors or to be ordinary." ~ Carlos Castaneda

The USS Odin is home.

After spending almost a year in an alternate timeline where Starfleet did not and had never existed, the crew of the Odin endured a strange sequence of events orchestrated by a stranger woman.

A woman who, apparently, had the power to send them back to their own space, and that's exactly what she did.

Now, the crew--and some guests--are home in their own timeline and back with the familiar again. It's time to recover and reacclimate, and figure out... What's next?

Latest Mission Posts

» Homecoming

Mission: Home
Posted on 13 Apr 2021 @ 1:26pm by Commander Kristiana Petrova & Lieutenant Callisi Veera

Kris was silent as she piloted the shuttle the short hop to her family's farm. Soon enough it came into view, one main building, single floor, with several by-buildings - a barn or two, a guest house, a few storage huts. Nearby were several fields, fenced in but vacant -…

» They're cute! Honest!

Mission: Home
Posted on 02 Apr 2021 @ 2:34pm by Commander Kristiana Petrova & Lieutenant Callisi Veera

The journey to Earth was uneventful, just a few hours at warp. Soon enough they arrived and landed, though not near the farm - their actual destination - but on the outskirts of a small town. "The farm is about a twenty minute walk from here, but I figured we'd…

» A New Life

Mission: Home
Posted on 30 Mar 2021 @ 5:50pm by Lieutenant Colonel Natalia Reyes & Commander Marcus Wilcox

The USS Odin had been "home" for just over a day now, and Natalia Reyes was at a loss.

She was glad that she had spoken with the captain and had an idea about her options, but she she really didn't know what she was supposed to think or feel…

» Enroute

Mission: Home
Posted on 29 Mar 2021 @ 10:51pm by Lieutenant Callisi Veera & Commander Kristiana Petrova

"You ready?" Kristiana asked, going through the sequence to start up one of the ship's Type 11 shuttlecraft. Still wearing a simple black tank top over green cargo pants and heavy boots, a duffel bag with some travel clothes, bedding and other assorted things sat behind her seat. "Should be…

» Debt of Gratitude

Mission: Home
Posted on 25 Mar 2021 @ 5:57pm by Ensign Kat Walker & Captain Mallory Thorne

The morning after, and there still seemed to be so much left to do.

What Captain Thorne was making a priority for first thing this morning, however, was finding the AI who was now out of her own time and really stuck on this ship...but the one who apparently (according…